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Hoi I'm Anthony Fox, also to make animations,didn't do much.little nervous of creations.sometimes I did draw, cuz I suck if I try. I been on 2015...I guess.....I'm a Fox...I guess..............even I'm MoxxieFoxz.....IDk I'm just dumb...

Anthony @TailsTheMoctFox


I hope I did my best

N Sh


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Yes the mox show is coming back to August or September whatever is was. Since my laptop broke on 7 months ago so my pc is coming to Aug 8 2020 since my b day on August 4 2020. So i had to lot Focus to YouTube and Newgrounds. However it takes lot of Schedule to make animation(Newgrounds)and gaming on YouTube

Like as gameplay animated.

So yes im coming to make flash animation and hlep the others.

(My project)

• new Mox show of Episode (since it wasn't finished on 7 months like the 2018)

•TailslyMoxFox animated (of course it was me of my gaming YouTuber channel with 2.3K subs but ever finished on may)

So i here the thing i do not to be a lack of lazy because make me a failure, i wanted to Learn to make animations, editing because i like making movies, and even my 1st gaming channel (TailslyMoxFox) So it means I had to lot of focus of my friends To continued to help My friends to finish Project and even mine plus even my disappointment cost my feeling so much pain because everything I was Lack. So in this year or next year I will get better and better content of my skills,animations,video editing and more.

Even my 13 year old myself haven't finished project. So i just turn 17, however i had take more responsibility cuz im ready growing up. So i had keep my Ability keep going and never stop. So me being alone it quite hard to be alone to make animation of my project...well lot. Even i had help my friends more like i haven't finished project of TCC about on 2018 and now i had to better. But the funny thing i wasn't good at,is making background animation well little. So the years goes by to by. I wanted to getting better even better.....

.well at lest if you had teams

So i hope i could be better soon as my pc get here


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